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Investing in peer lending is time-consuming, because payments have to be continuously re-invested, and diversification requires an investor to spread money into many small amounts. Most loans are snatched up by hedge funds minutes after they are released, leaving human investors with second-rate choices. Lending Mosaic is a one-stop and automated solution tool that allows individuals to compete with Wall Street. Numerous filtering options, including the unique ‘popularity’ criterion and a sophisticated machine-learning algorithm allow to automatically select the loans with the highest expected returns.

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Digital Marketplaces such as Lending Club or Prosper offer Automated Investment for free; why should I use Lending Mosaic?

These automated investment features aims to take out the complexity out of investing in direct lending, and is a valuable service for individual investors that don’t possess the know-how or the considerable time required for manual investment. However, it is not the right tool for investors seeking to optimize their returns by designing a strategy to find and fund those loans with statistically higher expected returns, to minimize idle cash, and to compete for the loans in highest demand. Furthermore we have developed our own Backtester that is fully integrated in our web app and let you analyze historical performance of loans in both platforms. Last, but not least, having one single Dashboard that allows you to keep track of your portfolios in both platforms makes monitoring your investments a lot easier!

When does Lending Mosaic make investments?

Lending Mosaic selects loans and submits investment orders every time a marketplace releases a new batch of loans (i.e. 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm EST). Lending Mosaic does not re-visit older loans, it only invests in new loans.

What is the execution order?

Every time any marketplace releases a new batch of loans, your investment rules will be applied one after the other, until there’s no more cash left. Please pay attention to the ordering of your rules. The best practice is to put the most restrictive and selective rules first, followed by broader rules.

When are my rules processed compared to other users?

All users’ rules are processed in parallel, either on the same server with multiple threads or on multiple servers. No Lending Mosaic users have priority over others.

Can I temporarily activate or de-activate Lending Mosaic?

Yes, you can by simply opening the desired rule and clicking the ‘Activate’ or ‘Deactivate’ button. In addition, you can specify an ‘Investment Limit’ and the rule will automatically stop (you can see the currently ‘invested amount’ right below it).

What is my ‘Investment Limit’?

Once your rule reaches the limit (see ‘Invested Amount’), then it will automatically stop investing. Remember to increase the limit or de-activate / delete the rule if you don’t want to use it anymore.

What is my ‘Trade Amount’?

This is the amount that will be invested in each loan that matches your filter criteria. The minimum is $25.

What is my ‘Invested Amount’?

This is the total amount that has been invested by your rule so far. Note that once it reaches the ‘Investment Limit’ then the rule will automatically stop.

How does the filtering work?

Each rule applies all of its filters at once, investing only in loans that meet all of its criteria. Therefore a rule without any filters will invest in ALL the loans.

Does Lending Mosaic guarantee my investment returns?

No. All your money and your investments remain on Peer to Peer Lending marketplaces such as Lending Club and Prosper at all times. P2P investment carries a risk of loss of some or all of the principal. Lending Mosaic is not responsible for any loss that might result from actions based on this service.

Can I use other Automated Investing tools as well?

Such feature automatically re-invests your cash so potentially less will be available for Lending Mosaic. Therefore it is recommended to de-activate any other automated investing tools.

Why did I get an investment order for less than the minimum amount I specified?

Marketplaces accept partial fulfillment in case less than the order amount remains available. For instance, if Lending Mosaic sends an investment order of $250 on your behalf, but the loan only had $75 left to finance, the marketplace will fulfill the order for the latter amount, without any warning.

What is the difference between ‘Highest Return’ and ‘Expected Return’

Highest Expected Return selects the top X% of loans, sorted by expected return at any loan release time-frame. Expected Return selects only loans above a certain threshold. If 200 new loans are released, a Highest Expected Return of 10% will always selected 20 loans, while the selection of loans with Expected Return of 10% can contain from 0 to 200 loans.


Who can create a Lending Mosaic account?

Anyone who wishes to invest in digital loans can create an account with us. Note that you need to create an account and deposit some cash in the respective Marketplaces prior to connecting them to your Lending Mosaic account.

How do I know if everything is working fine?

You may visit the Lending Mosaic > Dashboard > Summary page to see an overview of your portfolio. In addition, the Transaction page will provide you with the full summary of investment activity.

Is my account secure?

First and foremost, it is not possible to withdraw money from a marketplace such as LendingClub or Prosper towards a different bank account than the one used for transferring the original funds. Those marketplaces will also keep you updated by email about the activity on your account. As for Lending Mosaic, we took extra measures to protect your marketplace username and password, including using military-grade AES-256 encryption for encrypting sensitive data (i.e. your password and any api information) as well as secured HTTP for transferring any data.

Why does Lending Mosaic need my login credentials if I’m using the Lending Club API?

Before each investment round, Lending Mosaic builds an investment order based on your rules and the amount of cash available in your account. The Lending Club API doesn’t currently show the cash balance of your account, and this is why we need your credentials to monitor it.


What fee does Lending Mosaic charge?

While we are in Beta, all we ask from you is constructive feedback. Contact us by e-mail at We will start charging private individuals and institutionals investors in the second half of 2018.

Is Lending Mosaic affiliated with Lending Club or Prosper?

No, Lending Mosaic is not affiliated with any marketplace. All trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on Lending Mosaic are the property of their respective owners.

How long have you been in operation?

The work on Lending Mosaic began in March 2013 (originally, it was a tool the founders developed for themselves).

What happens if Lending Mosaic closes its doors?

Lending Mosaic will stop charging you for the service and stop processing your investment rules automatically. All your credentials will be deleted. The loans in your Peer Lending marketplaces will remain untouched.